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To Users of NetMap's Erosion Prediction Tools
Applying shallow landslide, gully, surface erosion and debris flow models and predictions requires careful consideration of other factors including the applicability of any models to diverse landscapes (e.g., is model appropriate), other important factors such as climate, vegetation characteristics, soils, land-use activities, wildfire history, and landslide history (at any particular site and in the larger landscape). Model users should have expertise in geotechnical disciplines in order to appropriately interpret landslide and debris flow hazards.
Using models to predict erosion is never a substitute for field work and analysis. Models only provide an approximation of on the ground conditions. It is recommended to use both modeling, to provide a coarse level screening of erosion potential, followed up by field verification of model parameters (such as slope) and actual erosion conditions.
The boundaries between erosion potential map elements predicted by NetMap/TerrainWorks software (e.g., Digital Hydroscapes and analysis tools)  are approximate. Actual boundaries between mapping elements in any specific location need to be determined in the field, on site.  In addition, not all small-scale landslide-prone features will be mapped  and other features may be encountered during field inspections.  Moreover, the sediment delivery potential (to streams and to other identified locations) of predicted erosion features, as well as any other erosion-prone landforms, should be verified in the field, on site.
The erosion predictions in the TerrainWorks/NetMap software are based on scientific information.  However, any erosion prediction will contain inaccuracies and limitations because of 1) the relatively short and unique history of storms that triggered erosion and that are used to create the science (e.g., longer and different time periods and larger storms may yield different scientific results, models and understanding) and 2) the incomplete scientific understanding of all erosion mechanisms.  For these reasons, all erosion predictions made by the TerrainWorks/NetMap software will not completely identify all of the potentially erodable areas. Regardless of the types of predictions made by the TerrainWorks/NetMap software, and including any and all applications by anyone, no warranties, express or implied, are made and in fact are disclaimed.
Anyone using NetMap (TerrainWorks) erosion tools need to have read and accepted the licensing agreement

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