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Network Proportion

Network Proportion
NetMap Module/Tool: Analysis Tools/Query Database
Model Description: NetMap' proportion tool allows a user to select some portion of the channel network (1) to determine what proportion of the entire channel network (in a NetMap dataset) it represents (2). Optional search criteria can also be applied, by selecting an attribute from the dropdown attribute list, such as coho salmon intrisic potential (3). Additional constraints can be added, such as IP values greater than 0.7 (4). The results are show at the bottom of the tool. In the example give, the selection, with query critiera, represented 42,869 m out of a toal of 191332 m or 22.4%.  Overall (length selected vs entire dataset) was 287,298 m out of 2,917,206 m or 9.8% (fish bearing only). The analysis can be conducted either on the entire network or just the fish bearing portion, by checking the box in the tool interface.

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