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Stream Power

Stream Power
Parameter Description:  Stream power is a measure of the energy of a stream channel including that which is related to the ability to transport sediment, including bedload and suspended load. Stream power is calculated as: ρgQs where ρ is density of water (1000 kg/m3), g is acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s2), Q is discharge (m3/s) and S is channel slope. Q is calculated as WdV where W is bankfull channel width (m), d is bankfull channel depth, and v is velocity (m/s).  See also this.
Data Type: Line (stream layer)
Field Name: STRMPOW; Common Name: Stream power
Units: watts/m
NetMap Module/Tool: Fluvial Processes/Network Variables
Model Description:
In NetMap a simple measure of stream power is channel slope gradient (L/L) multiplied by drainage area (km2). Figure 1. 
Figure 1. NetMap calculates stream power for every stream segment in river networks.

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