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Coastal Cutthroat Trout

Fish Habitat Model: Coastal Cutthroat trout
This parameter can be calculated within individual NetMap datasets; the model was developed by Brett Holycross and Kitty Griswold, for additional information, contact or
Parameter Description:  Reach-specific values for each characteristic are converted to habitat suitability scores through functions (“suitability curves”) which convert the value of each variable to a score of 0-1, 0 being completely unsuitable and 1 being the most suitable.  Reach-specific IP is calculated as the geometric mean of reach-specific suitability scores for each of the three characteristics.  DRAFT IP for Coastal Cutthroat Trout (CCT) models suitable habitat for the juvenile life-stage. 
Data Type: Line (stream layer)
Field Name: Common Name: Westslope cutthroat Trout
Units: Suitability index, 0 - 1
NetMap Module/Tool: na
Model Description:

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