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Define Fish Distribution

When setting a fish distribution (1), gradient and or flow and or waterfall  barriers are defined (4 - 7); if water fall barriers are used, an analyst needs to calculate them first using another NetMap tool, called Calculate Channel Gradients.  A fish species (8) is selected to represent the distribution. Resident fish can have habitat located above specified gradient barriers while anadromous fish cannot have habitat located above specified gradient barriers. Fish barriers, such as dams that have fish ladders, can be bypassed (9). Or fish barriers can be added to individual reaches (10). Users may import their own fish layer (12).
Figure 1. (Top) Users can bypass fish barriers (high gradients). Channel gradients can be displayed (1). The selection tool is loaded and only ONE reach can be selected (2). A new (lower) gradient is input (3) and the gradient is updated (4). All downstream gradient attributes (called max grad D) must be updated (5).
Figure 2. (Top) A user can define the fish distribution for a selected set of channels or a existing fish distribution can be loaded (bottom).
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