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Watershed Scale Wood Loading

Step Wise Guide
Riparian Management
ยท If my watershed has had a history of agriculture, urbanization, cattle ranching, timber harvest or wildfires and contains a diversity of riparian forest conditions (e.g., variations in age, height, density and species), how will wood recruitment vary?
Step 1: Go to  NetMap's Riparian  Module> Watershed Scale, Single Year. A user imports vegetation information such as LEMMA (if another type of vegetation information will be used, contact TerrainWorks for help with data pre-processing). This tool can calculate the wood recruitment for a single year for a range of tree size (diameter) classes. The tool can be used to estimate in-stream wood recruitment potential and thus serve as information in prioritizing riparian restoration or placement of in-stream wood structures.
This tool can be used in conjunction with other riparian tools such as thermal loading. It can also be combined with estimates of fish habitat quality and erosion potential etc.