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Highest Burn Severity Located

Step Wise Guide
Post Wildfire Planning
It is important to identify the locations across a watershed or landscape where the highest fire severity overlaps the highest quality and most sensitive aquatic habitat and species. This requires a burn severity map, e.g., a Burned Area Reflectance Classification (BARC) map:  Users provide their own BARC Esri grid with the four standard codes: 1-4.  1=unburned; 2=low severity; 3=moderate severity; 4=high severity. This is done in conjunction with running the Wildfire Cascade Tool.
TerrainWorks (NetMap) can conduct this analysis for any client and post the results onto an online tool (FireView).
Step 1: Go To NetMap's Overlap Tool. Using the drop down list, locate the burn severity (BARC) map and search for th highest 10% or highest  1% (etc) of burn severity.