What is TerrainWorks (NetMap)?

TerrainWorks (NetMap) builds Watershed Assessments (Level 1) across multiple states and provides advanced analysis tools for puchase or by subscription. It also provides online data visualization services.
A key component of TerrainWorks is the use of standardized digital landscapes. The digital landscapes coupled to user friendly NetMap address a wide range of resource use and conservation planning questions and applications including climate change, wildfire, roads, erosion, timber harvest, water supply quanity, grazing, energy development, conservation, restoration, monitoring and research.. Evolution of new applications and the inclusion of new tools are an integral design of the platform.
Check out the online TerrainViewer (available with an annual subscription)
1 NetMap contains a geospatial data structure used within geographical information system (GIS) software (and web browser displays) where all land and stream surfaces are referenced to all others, allowing landforms and ecological processes to be placed in spatial context with resource use activities and infrastructure. The virtual landscape is generated from digital elevation models (NED) and other data, including PRISM climate, NHD hydrography, and other pertinent datasets including downscaled climate change predictions; the spatial grain of the digital landscape is set by the resolution of the DEM.
2 NetMap’s decision support tools are designed to work within current ArcGIS software (ArcMap 10.x). Add-In modules include: 1) Analysis Tools, 2) Fluvial Processes, 3) Aquatic Habitats, 4) Erosion, 5) Transportation/Energy, and 6) Vegetation/Fire/Climate. See Newest Tools.
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