What are the decision support tools?

TerrainWorks (NetMap) analysis tools are designed to work within current ArcGIS software (ArcMap 10.x). Add-In modules include: 1) Analysis Tools, 2) Fluvial Morphology, 3) Aquatic Habitats, 4) Erosion, 5) Transportation/Energy, and 6) Riparian Management. New tool packages are planned. For additional details, go here.
Additional information below:
(1) Analysis Tools encompass several data query and management functions and include stream and hillslope profiling, routing of attributes downstream or upstream, Google Earth interface, risk analysis, and subbasin classification functions.
(2) Fluvial Form/Processes contains 23 tools and parameters that provide a wealth of channel physical attributes; network attributes (stream order, confluence types, drainage density, etc.); several channel and fish habitat classification methods; floodplain, terrace and alluvial fan mapping; and in-stream wood accumulation.
(3) The Aquatic Habitat module contains 13 tools for predicting fish habitat (resident and anadromous), beaver habitat, core habitat areas, habitat diversity, and cumulative habitat length and quality along the channel, among others.
(4) The Erosion Processes module includes interfaces for shallow failure, gully, debris flow, earthflows, surface erosion, sediment delivery to streams, and sediment yield; erosion potential can be modified by land use activities.
(5) The Transportation/Energy module contains tools for addressing road/pipeline/powerline density at multiple scales (stream reach, river network, and subbasins), road stability, roads/pipelines in floodplains, habitat length and quality upstream of all road (or pipeline) crossings, road surface erosion, and sediment delivery to streams. The Transportation/Energy tools could be used retrospectively to identify provisional habitat-stressor hotspots across large geographic areas or used prospectively to identify the least at-risk locations for future roads, pipelines, or energy transmission lines.
(6) The Vegetation/Fire/Climate module contains interfaces for radiation loading, in-stream wood recruitment (stream reach and watershed scale), upslope wood recruitment, and vegetation simulation. This tool suite can be used to tailor forestry, riparian management and stream protection strategies across diverse landscapes. All models contained within the modular ArcMap add-ins are based on the published literature. Tools are supported by 600 pages of online hyperlinked technical help materials that cover tool use, scientific background, example applications, and related reference materials.
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