Is NetMap cost effective? How much money can I save?

TerrainWorks (NetMap) Level 1 Watershed Assessments and Advanced Analysis Tools coupled to digital landscapes are very cost effective and users can save considerable money using NetMap in their analyses.
GIS analysis as part of watershed assessments or other scientific investigations across small to large watersheds, or even landscapes, can be very costly. Days to weeks of GIS work can be part of any project that can cost many thousands of dollars. NetMap's digital landscapes and decision support tools can greatly reduce the time required for scientists, technicians and GIS specialists to accomplish their tasks. To see the types of questions that can be quickly answered (minutes to an hour or two) across areas of tens of thousands to millions of acres, go here. Hence, using NetMap can save individual agencies, NGOs, consultants and the private sector thousands of dollars a year!
In addition, NetMap offers attributes and analyses that are likely outside the range of many GIS specialists and scientists, without expending months to years of effort!
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