Is NetMap a platform for other tools?

Yes, NetMap Advanced Tools is serving as a platform for other tools and models because of its large geographic footprint, standardized digital landscape databases, and a wealth of other attributes that can be utilized by different models.
NetMap serves as an integrating platform for other models and databases from collaborating agencies including: (1) road surface erosion (WEPP and GRAIP-Lite), wildfire (Flammap), forest growth, hillslope erosion (WEPP-disturbed), and vegetation state and transition modeling (VDDT), and downscaled climate change forecasts (CIG). Future tool collaborations are anticipated involving climate change altered flows (CIG), regional stream temperature and stream chemistry. NetMap’s computational based stream layer will exist in parallel with and add value to other regional and national stream databases, like the NHD, via cross walk tools that allow data transfer between them.
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