Consulting Opportunities

The conventional consulting paradigm entails clients hiring a firm, experts developing an analysis, writing a report and then delivering that report to the clients. Reports can quickly become outdated and the clients are often left with no additional analyses and computational power among themselves.
NetMap's Digital Landscape although designed for users to conduct their own analyses, can also be applied in a consulting framework. But quite differently than standard consulting.
In addition to apply the tools and expertise and creating a written report, clients who enage NetMap in a consulting framework also obtain study results in an online viewer (greatly increasing the dissemination and use of spatial digital data). Clients also receive the full Digital Landscape plus the analysis tools (one year subscription) from which they can conduct their own analyses, repeat existing analyses and use the various tools in their future analyses/applications.
Our staff can assist in (or following an analysis clients can):
TerrainWorks staff can conduct all or any part of a specific analysis. In general, contracting with TerrainWorks for a specific analysis includes Client and other stakeholder's access to all necessary NetMap databases (Digital Landscapes) and Analysis Tools (one year subscription).
Please contact us for further details and a cost estimate for specific projects.
TerrainWorks (NetMap) Applications
TerrainWorks supports numerous types of applications relevant to natural resources:
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