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Roads Intersecting Quality Fish Habitat

Step Wise Guide
ยท Which road segments intersect high value fish habitat in my watershed?
Step 1: Go to  NetMap Aquatic Habitats Module > Create Aquatic Habitats. Select any one of the available habitat models for anadromous or resident fish. Make sure you define the correct fish distribution for your species of interest in Basic Tools > Define Fish Distribution.
Step 2: Go to NetMap Road Modue > Road Stream Crossings. This tool allows one to identify the intersections between road crossings and any channel attribute, including predicted fish habitat quality. From the drop down list in the tool, select any one of the fish habitat parameters (this requires that you created a fish habitat prediction already, although NetMap digital landscapes come with three anadromous species (coho, steelhead, chinook). Once you run the tool, intersections between roads and fish habitat are mapped.
Other road - habitat intersections are possible. For example, if you ran one of the road surface erosion tools (WEPP-Roads, GRAIP-Lite), you can search for the intersections of the top 1%, 5%, or 10% etc. of the highest road surface erosion with the top 1%, 5%, or 10% etc. of fish habitat quality. Go to: Basic Tools > Risk Analysis > Stream Segment Overlap. Follow the instructions.