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Roads Intersecting Floodplains

Step Wise Guide
ยท Which road segments are located within floodplains?
Floodplains are one of the most important landforms in a watershed. They are important from a hydrological perspective and may contain ecologically significant riparian habitats. They also provide a buffer to important aquatic habitats. Roads in floodplains can pose a substantial risk to floodplain ecosystems. The first step, is to understand which roads intersect which floodplains. NetMap tools can help with that analysis.
Step 1: Go to:  NetMap Fluvial Morphology Tools > Floodplain Mapping. NetMap digital watersheds contain a default floodplain prediction calculated at 2x bankfull depth. You can adjust the elevation above the channel in which to calculate (map) floodplains (1x, 3x etc.). For an example of how the floodplain tool was used for watershed wide restoration planning in Spain, go here.
Step 2: Go to NetMap Road Modue > Roads in Floodplains. This tool allows one to identify the intersections between roads and predicted floodplains. You may also examine the predicted road drainage diversion potential or road surface erosion potential, and the intersections of problematic road segments with floodplains.