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Post Fire Landsliding

Step Wise Guide
Post Wildfire Planning
In a post fire environment, it might be useful to  understand what hillsides are at risk from landslides, debris flows and gully erosion and what resources (fish habitat, roads, highways, or buildings) are at risk.
Step 1: Go to  the Erosion Module (on the Add-in tool bar) and Select Shallow Landslides (GEP), Landslide Density, Debris Flows or Gully Erosion and display the map(s). Examine those maps and the BARC map and visually search for intersections between high fire severity and high landslide and debris flow potential.
Step 1: Go to NetMap's Overlap Tool. From the drop down lists, select any portion of the distribution (i.e.,  top 10% or highest 1%) of the fire severity (mapped to reaches) and landslide potential values (mapped to reaches) for shallow failure, debris flow or gully potential. This tool will identify the intersections between the highest burn severity and the highest landslide, debris flow and gully risk.