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Drainage Density

Step Wise Guide
ยท What is my drainage density?
Drainage density, defined as channel length per unit watershed area (km/km2), reveals the amount of channels within a watershed. Drainage densities in semi-arid to humid landscapes range can from 2 to 12 km/km2, primarily reflecting variations in precipitation (Abrahams 1972) and lithology (Grant 1997). A large range in drainage density should  translate to a corresponding large range in the density of channel junctions with implications for the degree of channel heterogeneity found in different landscapes (Benda et al. 2004a,b).
It may be useful to stratify a watershed or landscape according based on channel density (or tributary junction density). 
Step 1: Go to  NetMap Fluvial Morphology Module > Drainage and Junction Density. Follow the instructions provided in each tool, and display the maps. Channel (and tributary junction) density are calculated and shown for individual 12 digit, HUC 6th field subbasins.