NetMap's Technical Help Guide
River Builder (user version not yet available, under development (2015 - 2016))
Description: The River Builder (RB) contains three methods that allow users to develop a river shapefile with river attributes based on NetMap’s DEM Digital Elevation Model-derived, node-based rivers; the differences in the methods are based on data inputs. Note that the node-based rivers should have been previously run in NetMap’s BldGrds program (see website [] for network node coverage or, if not available, contact ESI for additional details).  The node-based river files, accompanying .flt files, and other raster files are required as inputs.
‘River Attributes’ allows users to generate NetMap attributed river networks based on node-based river files.
‘Survey Overlay’ enables users to enter river segments and add NetMap attributes to those segments.  This option does not generate a full river network.
‘Cross Talk’ (Coming soon-2013) allows user to input a river shapefile and transfer it’s attributes to a NetMap river network.
Note, the River Builder that is used to create river attributes provides a GIS shape file (e.g., analytic stream layer) that can be used independently of NetMap tools.

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